2014 will be better than 2013 in the events industry from the data analyzed by EIBTM . Over the next 12 months, the sector agencies are optimistic and see the market evolving, at least constant, but not in flexion.
Agencies and suppliers (mainly hoteliers) do not see the future worrying, in fact they are starting to further improve their services to provide added value to customers.
European destinations will regain volume and among the most popular for 2014 Italy is at second place. Among the top ten: Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, the Netherlands and Turkey.
What will influence the choice of location of events will be: quality of service, location, quality / price ratio, all respecting the compliance of international standards.


Despite the economic crisis the results for the year 2013 of the group Hogg Robinson Group (HRG) remain constant: in the face of declining revenues is an increase in profits. The outlook for the Group for 2014 are more than positive because HRG has been awarded the contract to provide a global meeting bookings and venue sourcing solution for Vodafone, one of the world’s largest telecommunications providers.As the sole global service provider of meetings groups and events (MGE), HRG will manage Vodafone’s global meeting requirements. Implementation of the new booking system is already underway and will eventually be rolled-out in a number of markets.


Peugeot Citroen
In the category Best Automotive Conference and was awarded the agency Smyle. The agency has organized and followed the annual conference of the Peugeot and Citroën dealers.
As the two major industrial brands belong to the French group PSA Peugeot SA and its name came from Citroën SA), Smyle has used the same location and sharing of costs for organizing the event, the agency has therefore been responsible for all areas of management content, invitations, presenter coaghing, set design, catering and so on.

The objective of Smyle was to bring the presenter to the public, creating a synergistic environment.


Standards Forum
In 2014 Mayridge will provide exhibitors a strong presence at Mobile World Congress: it is the ideal support for international companies achieve their marketing on the basis of live events and conferences.
It offers solutions to 360 degrees both communication and management of logistics operations.
The aim is to involve as much as possible STAKEHOLDER, plan, promote, prepare the staff present at the stands.
Mayridge meet the needs of the client proposing training services, systems, brochure design, brand creation, web design.

Among the customers Qatar Airways, Baxter and Hewlett Packard, and a diverse set of companies engaged in diversified business sectors.


Medicongress Belgium: New Address

 Medicongress Belgium: New Address
1.000 m2 warehouse and 3 office floors near Ghent (Gand) with direct access to the express 
way, to show to new and old customers how they work.
After 25 years in business a new, very modern building is built for the business group, where 
state-of-the-art devices and AV materials are used for every congresses. 


Special Venues - Shanghai 1933

It is a complex of 32,500 square meters with viaducts, columns and floral spiral staircases as well as a theater stage with a polished glass and extensive terraces.

An abattoir in ancient art deco becomes a hub for creative design company, associations of artists, galleries and cultural institutions.

It has hosted a lavish banquet in the presence of Prince Joachim of Denmark as part of the Denmark Creative and Fashion Show.

1933 has hosted major events: the Formula 1 Ferrari Party, the launch of products and Adidas Original 2008, Coca Cola Original Leaf Tea 100% and it is the site chosen last November for the third edition of the Shanghai Creative Industries Week.


Looking for Italian Venues ?

Planning your next international appointments - if you are looking for Italian Venues - don't miss BIT BuyItaly, the most important workshop for the Italian tourism product Milan - Italy - February 14 to 16 2013. During last edition 2,000 sellers met 700 international buyers.